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What Teachers Are Saying About Their Professional Learning Courses

90% of educators surveyed, say that they are required to take professional learning courses. These PLs are normally mandated by schools, local education boards, and state boards. However, many times these courses are assigned by "the powers to be" and the teachers themselves get very little say in which PLs they receive.

The same survey showed that about half of educators surveyed give the PLs a passing grade. Meaning, teachers are not satisfied with the the value of information they are getting for the time they are spending.

We believe that PLs shouldn't frustrate you or leave you with more questions than answers, so we've created a solution. If teachers are allowed to choose their own PLs they will learn what they need to make their teaching career more successful.

However, there was one thing we weren't sure of... would teachers be willing to pay their own money for these courses. As former educators, we were fairly sure teachers would use their own money for quality training, but we wanted to be sure. The survey supported our theory.

Only 25% of respondents said they would be "not at all likely" to pay their own money to personally pick their learning courses.

If you're wondering why teachers are so geared up to go into their own pockets to learn more about their professions on a website like take a look at all the categories, they have interest in:

Again, as former educators we weren't surprised at the categories that really popped: Classroom Management, Project-based Learning, Special Education and/or Gifted and Integration of Technology. We were a little surprised that Integration of Technology outperformed Classroom Management, but maybe we shouldn't have been since there is so much online learning due to the current environment.

The last bit of data we would like to share is how these sessions on will help educators. We were very much heartened on what we saw. Teachers said accessing these courses would increase their morale, improve their teaching technique and help them connect with today's youth. Increasing morale is our heart's desire because our nation looses too many teachers because of low morale. Anything that will raise morale, is music to our ears!

Be a teacher that teaches other teachers. Be a teacher that is taught by teachers. is a site that is dedicated to providing the most useful and engaging professional learning courses for teachers, taught by teachers and educators to improve our world of education. The most important benefactors of our site are the students that these teachers teach.

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