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Because Teachers Need Teaching.

About Us

It’s an idea so simple, we’re surprised someone hadn’t launched it before. As a certified teacher in the state of Georgia, I know that each and every teacher has a unique set of expertise, knowledge and experience that makes them the wonderful teacher they are. At the same time, we all, and I do mean all, have our weaknesses. This is a website that takes advantage of both of those facts. 

Introduction to Teach This Teacher
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What We Do

Using a Computer

We allow teachers to join our site and present professional courses in areas they are experts.


We facilitate collaboration in education by allowing teachers from every corner of the country to share their tools, tips and tricks.

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We are improving classrooms all across the country by increasing teachers' expertise and improving school morale.


​Did You Know?

  • Although 90% of school districts require their teachers to take professional learning courses, only 47% of those teachers are very satisfied with the professional courses they are allowed to take.​

  • 1 out of 4 teachers have very little say in which professional courses they take.

  • About half of all teachers say the professional courses don’t meet their needs as a teacher

  • The top 3 subjects teachers would like professional courses on are: Integration of Technology, Classroom Management/PBIS and Project Based Learning

  • 77% of teachers would like to teach courses online to other teachers to make extra money and share their expertise!

  • 81% of teachers said that taking courses on a site like ours would improve their teaching technique and 42% said it would help them reach today’s youth.

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